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Name: Olga Kindeeva
Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Visionary leader, great administrator, creative, principled and mission-driven, growth and learning are central in my world view.

Imaginative and abstract thinker, can spot patterns and generate unexpected ideas keeping focus on their feasibility and sustainability.

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Care about values, justice and fairness.

Like to serve people, I find energy and self-respect in helping others, attentive to human thoughts and emotions.

I thrived in a range of fields such as software development, coaching, project management, entrepreneurship.

Core Skills


Software Development

I studied math and programming at school. I was attending afterschool programming class since 8th grade in middle school. I continued my course with high education and got a Master’s degree in Math and Computer science. Now I have a plenty of software development experience on several languages, Python and Java are mostly preferred. At my first job, at CQG being in a role of software engineer, I participated in every phase of software development life cycle: requirements gathering, coding, testing, deploying, technical support and customer trainings. It gave me an understanding how entire IT industry work.



As I love doing things efficiently I participated in an internal company initiative in a role of scrum master/process coach for development process improvement. I was helping to improve tools - dashboards that were collecting, extracting, analyzing and visualizing data on development teams performance. During this work I was obsessed of how key data insights/metrics helped to improve our development productivity.


Project Management

Later I decided to broader my experience with team productivity work and became a project manager. it was my job to make sure my team was focused and engaged, I was using data insights as a useful tool for that. I am also empathetic to people and can easily put myself in others shoes.


Web development

After I moved to the United States I was inspired by a more entrepreneurial route in life and decided to try doing thing on my personal initiative. I helped my friend to organize a small legal consulting business. I made a company website and was running online advertisement campaign for her.


Data science

I like to push myself on advancement. Now I continue learning things that are happening in the ML industry. I recently joined the Data Science community to share what I learn and contribute.


Samara State Aerospace University

Sep 2002 - Jun 2008

Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

(equivalent of Master’s Degree in Computer Science from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States)

Online Courses

IBM , Req480, Mastering Requirements Management with Use Cases

Code Academy, Data Scientist: Machine Learning Specialist Career Path

Udemy, Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp 2022

Technical Skills

Python, SQL, OOP, OOD, UML, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Django CMS, JSON, XML
Web development:
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, DOM, APIs
Data science and ML:
data science pipeline, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, sci-kit learn, ML fundamentals, Experimental design: A/B testing, Hypothesis testing
Git, VS Code, Jupiter Notebooks, Jira
Development processes:
Agile, Scrum, Waterfall


Multi-story building active home owners group organization and leadership
Organazation of a small online legal consulting business

Work experience


Jan 2015 - now

Data Analyst

  • Collected and cleaned data about multi-story building home owners using MS Excel.
  • Made an exploratory data analysis using Pandas in Jupyter Notebook.


  • Conducted a survey of homeowners/tenants to understand their problems that most top their minds, aggregated complaints, motivations and suggestions.
  • Prioritized changes we wanted to get in our community, which ones were worth investing in to bring it first.
  • Analyzed solution that were implemented in other communities that could be leveraged in ours.
  • Measured and forecasted benefits of the project.

Web developer

  • Organized a small online legal consulting business.
  • Created a website.
  • Optimized its SEO model.
  • Managed an advertisement campaign.


Jan 2012 - Jul 2013

Project Manager

I participated in a project for shared web hosting replacement with cloud web hosting for Intermedia’s existing customer base.

  • Standardized requirements management process.
  • within a company using Confluence Templates by Atlassian that resolved a problem with requirements duplicates.
  • Proposed cloud hosting price groups and convinced my product managers team to pick it up by collecting and analyzing Intermedia customer’s data with SQL.


Sep 2010 - Nov 2011

Scrum Master

  • Developed a team performance dashboard with charts to track development velocity metrics in MS Excel using Visual Basic.
  • Provided online product trainings to 100 employees of CQG company, about 30 training sessions were done using MS Power Point presentations.
  • Recorded instructional videos for users and colleagues.


Nov 2008 - Nov 2011

Software Engineer

I have participated in the Application Lifecycle management project for customization of a third-party MKS Integrity ALM tool (Jira analog) to support CQG software development process.

  • Developed business logic of the MKS Integrity ALM tool on Java and its desktop application using .Net Framework.
  • Migrated CQG projects historical data, 700K records from old retired SQL Server database to a new one.
  • Mentored a new comer to my software development team.

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